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A Message of Unity (Music Video 2015) Lyrics in description

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My second attempt at a music video, made this about 5-6 years ago. Never released it because I was waiting to improve my skills before I start releasing stuff. I've grown so much as an artist since here, but I'm proud to have documents like this, of my first steps towards the direction of the path I've placed my self on. You got to start somewhere, your first cake wont turn out as good as your twentieth. You're never too old to take baby steps.

The lyrics:

A young warriors message of unity my destiny,
I remember god choosing me
Like trunks I came back to the past,
to bring us together,

and patch of the cracks of
mass human insanity,
stand up and hold hands with me
people starving people dying, people lounging,
while there's mothafuckas (good people) dying
here I am, standing on earth,
a tiny tiny part of the universe
one man on a mission
to bring unity
and topple division
men and women put your mothafuckin hands up,
become one hold hands,
collective conscious
bring the energy
man made hell in a place so

hell on earth through war and confusion
we all got a purpose so

why don't we use it

Beat by Spencer Montanez
Camera by Melissa Anderson
Vocals, Guitar, Directed, Edited by Benjamin Russano

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