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Akira Kosemura - The Eighth Day (Music Video)

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26. 3. 2021 Release.
Akira Kosemura releases a new album “88 Keys”.
This album is compiled with the piano solo musical pieces composed and recorded in his private studio during stay home period.
It’s his first attempt to produce a piano solo album with the well-composed music sketches, a different approach from his improvisational piano solo albums released in the past, “Polaroid Piano” (2009) and “One Day” (2016). Due to the pandemic, he was enforced to suspend the work which he had been developing and idea for past few years, and this situation made him to start producing this piano solo album.
In the spring of 2020 when the government declared a state of emergency, this album started out as a respond to his impulsive desire to creating music. A unique and original fourteen music sketches in this album are beautifully written and performed by him with a gentle manner.
The current situation which no one had expected has given a birth to these peaceful piano music, as if a light dropping to the changing world as a sunshine filtering through branches of trees.

Bandcamp: (CDs, Vinyls, Digital)


Music Video Directed by Kimihiko Nitta (L MANAGEMENT)

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