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Beyond Borders | Arko | Sandra Chatterjee (Munich) | Chat, Music & Dance | Ep 1 | Art & Class Divide

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I have been waiting to start this video blog having informal chats and artistic exchange of ideas and expressions of improvisation and finally here is the first episode with my dear friend Sandra Babli Chatterjee, a beautiful dancer presently based out of Munich and Salzburg in Europe. I was lucky to have her in my home in Kolkata when the idea materialised. Here we improvise on 3 songs 1. Sunta Nahi Dhun Ki Khabar (Sant Kabir - 15th Century) 2. Pidhi Ma Basera ( Nepali folk song - Late Buddhi Krishna Lamichhane, Nepal ) and 3. Tui Ki Korite Eli Bhobe - ( Bangla Sufi Song - Kajol Dewan, Bangladesh ). I also got the opportunity to discuss with her about our common views on art in a class divided society and stories of marginalisation and a few instances of how we have faced racism of colour in our lives.

Sandra is half German and half Bengali and trained in Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi along with Hula, Salsa, Bachata and several other dance forms from around the world. Having been an academic, Sandra Chatterjee’s (PhD, UCLA) choreographic and scholarly work is situated at the intersection of theory and practice deals with performance, dance, and the body with a focus on gender, postcolonial and migration studies. She studied Dance and ““Culture and Performance”” in Honolulu and Los Angeles (Bachelor of Arts in Dance (ethnology emphasis), University of Hawai’’i at Manoa (UHM); Master of Arts in Dance, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA); PhD in Culture and Performance, UCLA: dissertation: Undomesticated Bodies: South Asian Women Perform the Impossible); post-graduate programme in “„Kultur und Organisation”,“ University of Vienna and Institut für Kulturkonzepte.

Artistically she has been investigating performance and smell for approximately 2 years. Her current artistic project has the working title “the smell of racism”.
Another major project she is involved in currently is CHAKKARs-Moving Interventions, an initiative dedicated to intersectional anti-racist, postmigrant and postcolonial /decolonizing approaches to choreography in Munich together with Sarah Bergh.

In her current research, recent publications, talks, and lecture performances she has been critically interrogating the aesthetic category of the “contemporary” in the context of concert dance in central and northern continental Europe and analyzes selected choreographic articulations between European and Indian dance (2012- 2016 as postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Art, Music and Dance studies, University of Salzburg). Additional (research) interests include (artistic) collaboration, and the possible intersection of artistic practice, civil engagement and claiming cultural and artistic citizenship. Currently, she is part of the research team of the FWF-funded project Border Dancing across Time (P 31958-G) at the University of Salzburg.

Sandra has taught a wide range of interdisciplinary classes ranging from dance studies, dance practice, gender studies to participatory art, comparative cultural studies and discourse analysis at universities including UCLA (Department of World Arts and Cultures); University of Salzburg; Kunstuniversität Linz; and University Mozarteum. In the Wintersemester 2018/19 she was guest professor for Dance Studies at ZZT – Zentrum für Zeitgenössischen Tanz in Cologne. Since 2017 she is on the Rutgers Arts Online Faculty as instructor.

Sandra is a co-founder of the Post Natyam Collective, an internet-based network of choreographers/scholars, working in live performance, video, and scholarship. She was also a co-initiator and co-organizer of ArtSensation (2006) and Integrier-Bar, Munich (2011-2013) and iIn collaboration with Siglinde Lang she has co-organized the 7hoch2//Festival für zivile Auftragskunst in Salzburg, which is a festival at the intersection of civil engagement and art.

Sandra's website :

The video has been shot by Amit Biswas, Ashoknagar, N 24 Parganas, West Bengal

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