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Choral Music in Ireland: Colin Mawby - interviewed by Séamus Crimmins

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Chamber Choir Ireland, in collaboration with the National Concert Hall's Learning and Participation department, hosted a series of lectures entitled 'Choral Music in Ireland: History and Evolution' from 2017 - 2019 in the Kevin Barry Recital Room of the National Concert Hall, Dublin. Curated by Dr Stuart Kinsella (a tenor with Chamber Choir Ireland) the series explored the Chamber Choir's history and origins by examining the tradition of choral music in Ireland, amateur and professional, both in Ireland and within a wider European context.

In a departure from the lecture format, founding Artistic Director of Chamber Choir Ireland (the National Chamber Choir), Colin Mawby, in interview with Séamus Crimmins, talked about how he came to Ireland, becoming the central figure to the choral flourish in RTÉ in the 1980s and the legacy that remains with the RTÉ Philharmonic Choir, Cór na nÓg and now the now independent, Chamber Choir Ireland.

The occasion of this interview was particularly poignant, occurring just nine months before Colin’s death in November 2019. The excellence in choral music in Ireland would not be what it is today without Colin's passion for choral education and excellence, and his drive to create and grow the choral sector. Our choral world is poorer at the loss of Colin, but his choral legacy has left us so much the richer.

CCI Singers: Gemma King, Laura Lamph, Shane Barriscale, Jeffrey Ledwidge

Opening and Closing music: Colin Mawby's 'Alleluia, Christus Resurrexit' from Chamber Choir Ireland/CMC/Sing Ireland 'Choirland' publication - conducted by Paul Hillier.

Recordings used made available from RTÉ Archives.

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