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Easter Eggs In Supergirl Only Real Fans Noticed

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From rare strains of Kryptonite to the Martian Manhunter's imaginary friend, to a Gotham City franchise opening up a new branch, here are the Supergirl Easter eggs that were definitely put there for the diehards.

Since its debut in 2015, Supergirl has found an audience by focusing on a more accessible version of the DC Universe that's easy for casual viewers to get a handle on. After all, everybody knows Superman, right? Here's his cousin, she's got the same powers, does the same stuff, is a similarly good and charming person, let's go have adventures, preferably involving ice cream!

With that in mind, it might be surprising to learn that one of the show's most deep-cut references comes from one of the very first things we learn about the show: its setting.

It's easy to think that Kara Danvers' adopted hometown of National City has a standard issue generic name like most of the other fictional towns in the DC Universe. After all, Gotham is just an old nickname for New York, and Metropolis is literally just a word that means "big city." Unlike those, however, National City doesn't have its roots in comics. It was created for the show, and its name has a meaning that goes a little deeper than just being a city within a nation, which many, if not most, cities are.

Instead, National City is a reference to Supergirl's publisher. No, not Cat Grant, but DC Comics. The fact that "DC" stands for "Detective Comics" is pretty well-known meaning that yes, "DC Comics" is actually "Detective Comics Comics" but fewer people know that this wasn't actually the company's official name until the late '70s. Before that, they were National Periodical Publications. It's nice nod to the character's history, since National was still the company's name when Supergirl was introduced in 1959, but it's pretty obscure. If only there was some major city they could've used with some connection to the letters "D.C."

In "Shelter From the Storm," the 18th episode of Supergirl's third season, Kara, Alex, Mon-El, and Reign all take a trip to Lex Luthor's mansion. As you might expect, his interior decorating tastes mostly lean towards deathtraps meant to kill Superman, but it's not all wall-mounted machine guns and chunks of Kryptonite. Once the big brawl starts up downstairs, we get a pretty good look at his art collection when Supergirl and Reign start knocking each other through paintings.

Fortunately, Lex kept one important piece of art upstairs, out of harm's way: Saint Michael Vanquishing Satan, by Raphael. In real life, it's a priceless work of art that hangs in the Louvre, and considering that it's literally a painting of good triumphing over evil, it seems like an odd choice for Lex Luthor. Keep watching the video to see the Easter eggs in Supergirl only real fans noticed!


National City | 0:13
Michael v Satan: Dawn of Justice | 2:03
Silver rage | 3:28
The Omegahedron | 4:49
Noonan's | 6:23
Rickin' around | 8:20
Supergirl Lives! | 9:44
Zook | 10:41

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