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Inspiration: J. K. Rowling’s “The Christmas Pig” in Stores by Oct. 2021 | Videonium Stories | Part 8

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Joanne was born on July 31st, 1965 in Yate, England. As a young child, Joanne wrote stories and read them to her sister Dianne. After Joanne’s aunt came to know about her deep interest in storytelling, she gifted her with Jessica Mitford's autobiography titled “Hons and Rebels.” Very soon, Joanne developed profound interest in reading, writing and exploring the world of literary arts. Joanne faced a lot of rejections initially. But very soon, book publishers started realizing her worth. Yes, I am talking about J. K. Rowling, the author of several Harry Potter books! The moral of the story is that one must never give up. A person who tries never fails. The person either wins or learns.

After Harry Potter became a bestselling book, Warner Brothers purchased the film rights to her published books. The books as well as all the movies made on Harry Potter broke multiple records and generated revenue worth billions of dollars. J. K. Rowling is now going to publish her latest book in Oct. 2021. It’s based on a child’s love for his favorite toy, a tiny little pig. The title of the book is “The Christmas Pig” and it is expected to hit the stores before this Christmas.

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