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MCM Birmingham Comic Con - COSPLAY MUSIC VIDEO - 2016-2019 Supercut

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MCM Birmingham Comic Con Cosplay Music Video… supercut from the past four years!

With MCM postponed till June we wanted to release a little something special for you all! Including some new, never seen before clips and some golden memories - let us know your favourite MCM memory with us below!

We wanted to say another huge THANK YOU for all your support and please stay safe! - We’re committed to continue to push out fun and new content during these turbulent times so make sure you’ve subscribed and hit the bell notification! ♥ Check out our other channels also - Cosplay Revolutions on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch and Tik Tok for more daily content. You can also share your work with us!

New Dates for MCM Birmingham
27-28 June 2020 - The NEC

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As usual we have to say a massive thank you to all of the cosplayers we filmed with. The sheer enthusiasm, love and passion you demonstrate make our work possible and we love you all! If you’re in the video please comment below we love to hear from everyone involved in these videos. If you really enjoyed the video please consider sharing on social media as it really helps us!

★Thumbnail feat Luminara_cosplay, Tearastar + Miraculous_forlife

Find the full list of featured cosplayers with the link below, but if we missed you, drop us a line!: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-7dE3TyOlho0WA2fE4X-Ee0DfCnjw81p1Gquydtr92s/edit?usp=sharing

♪ Production music courtesy of Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com/
Song 1 - Higher by Marc Torch ft. Nikki Desoto
Song 2 - Flee The Night by Daniel Gunnarsson
Song 3 - Nothing Left of Us by Layn ft John Haddad

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