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Passive Aggressive Hip Hop

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People say hip hop's aggressive, But have you ever heard passive aggressive hip hop?

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Directed & edited by Joe Bor
Dancers Hayley Chilvers and Krupa Chavda
Choreography Natasha Khamjani
Camera Eugene Zosimov
ISRC: TCAEI1931000

They say hip hop’s aggressive, but have you ever heard passive aggressive hip hop?
It’s a new musical genre. Instead of grime we are calling it whine.
Passive aggression
Yeah, yeah, yeah, maybe
Passive aggression
In the session
A lot of people don’t know what passive aggression is. I can tell you what it is. If you really want. Though I’m not sure you’ll understand it.
Passive aggression is when it sounds like you're being gentle, reasonable, passive, but you’re actually being … aggressive
Hi. My name is, my name is, my name is ….. I have to say it three times because you’re just not listening.
Passive aggression in the session.
I’m not asking who let the dogs out. All I’m saying is that the dogs are out and somebody’s going to have to put them back. And I think we know who that person’s going to be.
I’m not angry I’m just disappointed.
Passive aggression in the session.
It is the expression of hostility but indirectly such as through sulking, turning up late or leaving moody notes on the fridge.
I bet you were really good looking when you were younger
Passive aggression in the session.
Have you lost weight?
Teenagers can be passive aggressive
Football managers can be passive aggressive
Politicians can be passive aggressive
The Guardian can be passive aggressive
Women are can be passive aggressive
That remark was passive aggressive
This song is passive aggressive
Nice trousers. They’re really thinning

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