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Thunderbirds Are Go (2015 - 2020) Music Video (Busted) (Ending) (S1-3 Complete)

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Thunderbirds Are Go (2015 - 2020) Music Video (Busted) (Ending) (S1-3 Complete)
Artist: Busted
Song: Thunderbirds Are Go
From Thunderbirds Are Go (2015)
Description: Thunderbirds Are Go

All Episodes (Season 1-3 Complete) 1 - 26

For the Final Countdown of Thunderbirds are Go.
It took me about 3 weeks (Feb 29th - Mar 14th) to finish this music video after watch all the Season. Whew! It was a tough one. Finally, I got it put it together of all the footages and made a little surprise in after the end of the song. Also form First Version of Season 1 Music Video, this Music Video has updated with some Sound Effects, different Clips and Not only Scott Tracy says "Thunderbirds Are Go" at the end, all Tracy Brothers say "Thunderbirds Are Go", including Kayo. This Music Video Shows All Episodes (Season 1 - 3) combine together for the Final Countdown.

I gonna miss this series so much. Thanks all the Memories. And Welcome home, Jeff Tracy. F.A.B..

Hope you'll Enjoy it! :) ;)
(Note: This Video was posted in Mar 15, 2020, the old one removed because fixed the little error. So you may re-comment if you want.)

I own nothing! THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO Is owned by ITV no money will be made!
Music by: "Busted"
(Note: No Copyright Intended I do not own this audio)

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