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Top 10 Fast Food Menu Items with Cult Followings

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List of the top 10 fast food menu items with cult followings. These are the fast-food dishes that get people talking on the internet. Popular 10 fast-food menu items that have fanatical cult followings.
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While we all love to down our favorite fast food items, there are some items that hit the spot more than others. Those special items quickly become favorites with fans. However, just like a lot of good things in life, these things don't last forever. With that in mind, we look at those fast food items that really get us going with the Top 10 Fast Food Items With A Cult Following.

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0:30 Taco Bell - Nacho Fries 
1:25 Starbucks - Frappuccinos 
2:46 White Castle - Sweet Potato Fries
3:40 McDonald's - Shamrock Shake
4:46 Sonic Drive-In - Cherry Limeade
6:01 KFC - Double Down
7:16 Taco Bell - Baja Blast 
8:27 Starbucks - Pumpkin Spiced Latte
9:58 McDonald's McRib
11:39 Popeyes - Chicken Sandwich  

- Taco Bell sold over 50 million portions of their Nacho Fries in under five weeks.
- While a traditional coffee will always be a winner, it was Starbucks' introduction of their Frappuccinos that really sent coffee fans into a frenzy.
- While these tasty treats aren't on the menu all year round, the moment the leaves change, we all head off to our nearest White Castle to get our hands on their sweet potato fries.
- Originally released in the 1970s, McDonald's Shamrock Shake has been a staple of St Patrick's day and it's celebration of all things green and Irish.
- If having a regular Cherry Limeade wasn't enough, Sonic Drive-In has a happy hour every day and you can pick up this tasty drink for half price.
- The original release of KFC's Double Down was actually released on April Fools Day, and a large number of people thought it was a joke.
- If you want a regular fix of Baja Blast then Taco Bell is the only place to get it.
- Every now and then a drink comes along that transcends the normal menu. Starbucks's Pumpkin Spiced Latte is one such drink.
- As soon as the McRib was discontinued, the public suddenly started to yearn for the pork sandwich and McDonald's released it again, but only for a limited time.
- Popeyes Chicken sandwich didn't even need a week to become inducted into the cult hall of fame.

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