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Void Droid - Super Ego Villain (Official Music Video)

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This is "Super Ego Villain", taken from the upcoming album "Bipolar"

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VoidDroid/
Bandcamp: https://voiddroid.bandcamp.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/voiddroid/

- Produced by Void Droid and Giannis Damianos.
- Mixed by Giannis Damianos.
- Mastered by Ioannis Petrolias.
- Recorded at 8yard studios, by Mikko Chris Vlachos.(https://www.facebook.com/eightyardstudios/)
- Drums recorded at antart studios, by Nikos Kollias. ( https://www.facebook.com/antartstudiosgr/ )
- Created by Kick Ass Video Productions ( https://www.facebook.com/pg/kickassathens )

- Acts: Elena Topalidou, Maria Charalampopoulou, Isabella Kasimati, Apostolos Mponelis, Manolis Pytharas, Chara Matareli, George Parker, Ciprian Jr.

- Many thanks to Kirk, Dimos, Kalas, Lupo, Aineias, Sylvia, Georgie, Cula, Stavri, Aggeliki and Mr. Giannis.


Well the wind may blow
But should your ego turn the tiller
Then and only then the boat would sail
Into the vile storm
Virtue disappears
Along the people in your mind
Along their face, their everything
Into the maelstrom

Uphill is hard and downhill is easy for
The super ego villain
Satisfying all of his inner urges
Blessed to the core
Recovering, madly wearing
This deep forgotten feeling
This isn't your everyday, everyway man
This is the super ego villain

Too late to go back!

In your life you tried
To please and favor all the others
To adhere to what they thought was right
But now you realize
Enough is enough
You cannot take it any longer
You will surpass and overstep
It is your time to shine

Right of your left and left of your right there is
The super ego villain
You pay the toll, then he hears the call
You are divided
This hanging rope's tightly stretching
You 're falling on the ceiling
Hints of remorse and hints of indifference
Long live the super ego villain

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